The Truth About Genocide in Bosanski Novi

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as Illustrated by Sufferings and Destruction of Author’s Own Family.

Mr. Suvad Hotic, the victim, the survivor and the witness of aggression on Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its nation, has used documented evidence to illustrate the sufferings of his own family, as a horrific, yet truthful example, in order to raise awareness and to provide testimonial about the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Bosnian people, known as genocide. In Suvad’s case, the genocide was endured by him and by his entire family. Luckily, he survived.

Personally, I feel that the publishing of this book “Notes & Memoirs” is a way for the World to acknowledge the genocide over Bosnians in Bosanski Novi and will once again remind the World, those who aren’t aware of it or deny that it ever happened.

Undeniably, Suvad Hotic, by telling a story about genocide in Bosanski Novi, convincingly demonstrates that the genocide in Bosanski Novi indeed happened. For Suvad, the best way to prove that the genocide happened in Bosanski Novi, was to use the real names of men and women, victims of war crimes and witnesses to the war crimes. The genocide is the most horrific and greatest crime aiming to deliberately destroy an entire nation, a horrific manifestation, unthinkable and yet as real as documented by the events in this book. Indeed, pressured by

reality, Suvad Hotic is depicting a horrific crime using as an example the sufferings of his own family, and an example of the suffering and destruction of well-known men and women, young and old citizens of Bosanski Novi.

Institutional denial of genocide is still going on, it hasn’t stopped.  This denial is a testimony of how the ethics and the mind of those who deny it are equal to the monstrosity, and how the same institutions that deny genocide, are ready to commit genocide yet again.  Because of the institutional refutation, the release of the book “Notes and Memoirs” is of a crucial importance.

Documented testimonial of Suvad Hotic in regard to the suffering of his own family portrays his attitude. Moreover, it portrays his engagement to defend the truth about the genocide rejected by those who did it and silenced by the United Nations. The exceptional position of the author as both the victim and the witness allowed him to devote his life to document the war crimes in Bosanski Novi. During the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian people were subjected to many paradoxes.  Even today, the greatest paradox of all is that we have to prove the truth about Bosnian genocide or that prove the genocide really happened regardless of the fact that the International Court agreed that there was a genocide in Bosnia. Even today, the Bosnians are enduring tyranny only comparable to the people of Palestine.

The English version of the book “Notes & Memoirs” by author Suvad Hotic, is a unique and irrevocable documented testimonial about genocide in Bosanski Novi. In addition, this book is also documented testimonial about dishonesty and fraudulence of not only those who committed the war crimes, but also of the United Nations; this book is about the ethical monstrosity of those who deny genocide. The release of the book in English is the greatest success of Suvad Hotic, who is my hero, our hero of the never-ending tragedy of Bosanski Novi.

Professor Emir Ramic

Director of the Institute for the Research of Genocide

Hamilton, Canada, 23. 03. 2013

Interpreted by Dr. Sijana Hotic Dzinic

Edited by Dr. M. Margarida Bernardo

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