Bearing Witness

Voices of the Past: Bosanski Novi’s War Crimes Documentary

My name is Suvad Hotic

… and I am bringing you a story which reaches into the dark depths of war.

There are moments in which the entire world turns into ashes and dust, and dreamy hands that once built that wonderful world now find themselves in shackles. That is the fate that befell us – me and my homeland.

Those are times in which hopes and dreams crumble in a single moment. People you treated well, people you believed to be your friends, become animals who now saw you and your family as their prey.

Such a realization brings indescribable bitterness and pain.

It is a time of war. But, remember, that war was not your choice, even if it became your only and biggest problem overnight. How do you save the lives of children, how do you make wise moves? The war is imposed on you, and you are not prepared because you were not expecting it.

Who are you fighting against, who should you be afraid of? Your best man, a colleague who has been a friends since elementary school, or at least you thought as much? A close friend with whom you spent countless summer evenings at the river bank of your city, charming the most beautiful women?

All of them, or almost all. Everyone…took off their masks and showed their true face! The face of a beast who, with bloody eyes, attacks its prey. You have become their prey, and the only reason is that you did not belong to the same religion that the evildoers believe they belong to.

In their bloody attack, they treated nothing as holy: women, children, old and weak, in their eyes became legitimate targets that should be eliminated regardless of means.

Because we value love and peace almost above all, we want to talk about war.

War is a demonic force that is easy to start, but difficult to extinguish. The price that we pay is large, indescribable.

If you would like to join us, shoulder to shoulder, together we can awaken a consciousness for coexistence, love, tolerance, and peace. Support this project and enable us to translate this true story to the film screen, to be shared with you and future generations. The story will leave nobody indifferent, and will leave a lasting mark on our souls, something that will never fade.

Capturing History Frame by Frame:

Portraits of Survivors from Bosanski Novi’s War Crimes

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Witness History:

The Countdown Begins: A Trailer that Reveals Bosanski Novi’s Dark Secrets

Svjedoci prošlosti: Ratni zločini u Bosanskom Novom

Pogledajte prvu preliminarnu verziju trailera na bosanskom jeziku. 

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